What is Like Living in Public Housing in Cleveland?

By Ken

I lived out of town for years.  The company that I worked for closed, so I came back to Cleveland. Unfortunately, I struggled with finding housing when I returned. Even though I struggled to find housing, I am a person of faith and I never lost hope that I would find housing.

By the grace of God, it only took me but a few months to find housing. A friend of the family informed me of the application process for public housing. I moved into a senior citizen only building. The building that I live in is wonderful. It is quiet and we have really great security to help us feel safe.

We have had two managers since I have been there and they both have been very good at keeping the building in great condition. Also, the maintenance has been superb and top-of-the-line. Maintenance works hard to not only maintain the interior of the building but also the exterior of the building.

My favorite part of my building though is my neighbors. They are really the best neighbors someone can have because they are so loving, caring and supportive of one another. The greatest example of love and care that they have for one another is when a new tenant moves into the building with no furniture the other people in the building step up to help find furniture for the new tenant.

Sometimes we may have a little problem, but we find ways to handle those problems.  There are a lot of programs in my building. My favorite program that is offered though is the Bible study every other Thursday. We even have a nice meal after the study. I feel a true sense of community among my neighbors during this Bible study and dinner.  Public housing was there when I needed a place to stay. I am truly thankful for not only the shelter that public housing has provided me, but the sense of community and programs they offered me to help me get back on my feet. I am blessed beyond words for public housing and I do not know where I would be without it.

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