After Many Failed Attempts I Will Try Again

By Kim Supermutt Goodman 

When I was born I was born a unique individual but I didn’t know it. When I was born I was born with a social communication disorder and developmental delays. I was a visual and hands- on learner who was forced to learn from written word. I was very creative but I did not fit the description of what society believed was “normal” or “typical.” I guess that is why I failed so much at trying to do things in traditional ways. In school I struggled with getting along with my peers because I never knew what to do or say around them. In high school I struggled and barely passed but by the grace of God, I graduated. As a young adult I went to Tri-C because it was the only college that would let me in. First, I took graphic art but I had to drop out because I couldn’t afford to buy the required art supplies. Then I took business classes but I didn’t get my degree because I couldn’t pass college level Math and English. When I dropped out of college, I entered the work force. I had a hard time getting a job because I didn’t have good social skills and I didn’t have self-esteem due to years of abuse.

 I have never had a lot of luck with jobs.  I’ve had a lot of jobs and most of them were short-lived.  When I did get a job there was always a problem that got me fired.  I have worked fast food and couldn’t keep up with the food assembly.  Then I went janitorial and the chemicals that I had to use caused severe breathing problems.  So, I got a job working on a factory assembly line, but the parts were coming down the line much too fast for me.

            Sometimes I couldn’t comprehend the training manual.  Other times, I did my work well but my co-workers would tell lies about me. After so many failed attempts, I gave up. I was a college dropout who couldn’t get or keep a job and I was homeless. I thought the street was going to be my forever home.  I felt that I was being punished for being different from what society believed was normal.

When I was seventeen years old I started selling a homeless newspaper called The Homeless   Grapevine. Off and on in my life I have depended on street newspapers to help me out financially. Being a vendor allowed me to put the business skills I learned in college to good use. Interacting with people helped me learn social skills and build self-esteem and self-confidence. After a while I decided to try entrepreneurship. I made and sold beaded jewelry, I sold hand painted t-shirts, body oils, perfumes/colognes and made and sold hand lotions. I struggled with each business because I lacked the financial resources and the needed man- power.  I got frustrated doing things alone because there is only so much that one person can do. In 2003, I decided to write, and I created 3 manuscripts. I submitted them to many publishing companies but was turned down because they wanted me to change my story and add sexual content. I wanted to do self-publishing but I found out that I couldn’t afford it so I gave up.

In 2015, I am going to start back writing again and try to self-publish my books. I don’t want to change my story to fit typical society. I want to write a series of books for people with unique needs.  I want to write about subjects that many authors neglect. Since I’m a unique person I want to go after my dream in a non-traditional way. I had no luck doing things traditionally so I’m going to use my ability to think outside of the box to see if I can succeed in following ``this dream” but I’m going to try. Until then I will sell the Cleveland Street Chronicle. Follow me on Twitter: supermutt101. Take care.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronical and NEOCH January 2015