I Love Being a Vendor, But it is Hectic During the Holidays

By Jennifer Black 

I’m a cancer survivor, but have other health issues for which I receive treatment three times a day. I have no idea how long I have left, but am very concerned about my grandson. I love my grandson, but my health issues make it difficult for me to take care of him.

Working as a vendor at The Market gives me a great deal of joy. I love when it’s time for my shift so that I can interact with people, especially my regular customers. When my daughter was in jail, we’d take our grandson with us, but that’s difficult on him. 

I’ve been a vendor for the Cleveland Street Chronicle for about two years. My husband was a vendor first. When he’d come home, he was always so full of joy. Once in a while I’d go with him to work and watch him interact with the public.

Before I became a vendor, I’d go to work with my husband and I’d see how excited he was to get to the Market. I’d sit back and see how many interesting people he’d talk to, I’d wonder what I had to do to become a vendor. I asked him how I could become a vendor, and he told me to take the training. I did, and I’ve been a vendor ever since. Now I’m glad to be a part of it! I wouldn’t want to miss out on being a part of it!

Being a vendor gets me out in the public, where I can meet and talk to people. It also helps me to take my mind off my pain. I’d like to continue to do this work for as long as I can.  It’s fun, it gets me out of the house, and helps me get a little exercise. The people love to see and talk to us, as much as we love to talk and see them.

I like it better when it isn’t holiday time, because the holidays are so very busy. You have more time to talk and interact with people before or after the holidays because people have more time.  Some of our regulars will bring us things, and I get a chance to talk to them about homelessness. I love my job!

I pray that 2015 is a better year for the all of us. 

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronical and NEOCH January 2015