Cleveland is on the Rise And I am Happy to See It

By Lucille Egan                                       

Buildings going down and new buildings going up. The County Administration building was torn down for the new Convention Center hotel.  Orange barrels on the right and only one lane on each side where it was originally two on each side.  When you are driving please be cautious and slow down; you will get where you are going instead of ending up in the hospital.

When you approach an intersection give plenty of space for the person walking across the street and for the car in front of you. How would you feel if you ran over your neighbor? Now we have LeBron for the Cavs and the Browns are doing okay.  Hopefully Cleveland will get better. I hope the Indians do well this year.

My grandson David entered the Air Force. He will be fueling airplanes that fly in the air. I’m so proud of my grandson. I also have 3 other grandsons who entered the Air Force at age 18.  All of them said it was the best decision that they ever made.

Soon the snow will be turning brown and it will soon be spring.  I got higher heating bills to keep warm. One more complaint with food, toiletries the prices are too high. The big name company’s products are not worthwhile. The ounces are down and the prices are up. 

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