Things I Tried and Things He Made Around Holidays

By Michael Boyd

I tried to be a bully, He made me weaker.

I tried to be a drug addict, He made me sick.

I tried not to be a father, He made the kids be around me.

That brings me to talk about the holidays.  Good Friday, I went to work and was able to buy my ham and some Easter candy for my family.  Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I still did it with a smile.  Come Easter Sunday, I spent all my money.  As the whole day was going on, and I am surrounded by my kids (4 girls), I can’t help but to remember the people who weren’t there.  They passed on, my brothers and sisters.

The next day I woke up with a somewhat heavy heart.  Selling the papers, praying that I at least make $10.00 in the rain.  Then a guy came up and gave me a $100.00 bill!  Even though I tried to be sad that day and have a heavy heart, God would not let me do that.  It wasn’t so much about the money, which it helped, it was the fact that he said that “God made

him do that”. 

It is a pleasure to be working at the West Side Market and I get joy out of doing the paper.  It’s not so much about the money.  It’s God that allows me to work up there.  

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