If the Republican Party Wins the Election…

Commentary by Raymond Jacobs

In my opinion, if the Republican Party controls all branches of government there will be no Medicare and Medicaid or any other medical benefits for poor people. When the nursing homes can’t get paid the residents will be thrown out on their gurneys and in their wheelchairs.

In my opinion, there won’t be no food stamps so people will be starving and there will be no money for food banks.  Social security will end or be reduced and no disability payments so what will the poor people live off of? There won’t be too many good jobs if Republicans control all branches of government. What will happen when people get too old to work?

I urge you to make your own decisions by studying the candidates before you vote.  When you go vote make sure you know who you are voting for and know the issues you are voting on. Also know the history of the party you are voting for, the whole history and not just part of it.    

Editor’s Note: Raymond is a vendor of the paper and has previous experience with homelessness.  The opinions expressed by the author of this article are his alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the Street Chronicle or NEOCH. These are the opinions of one vendor of the paper.

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