Changing of the Guard in Washington

Commentary by Buzzy

Here we are once again at the threshold of another four year journey. Who will stand tall and who will fall? The Republicans think that the country has gone as far down the hole of despair that is humanly possible, and Obama hasn’t done anything worthwhile since he became the lame duck president.

John Kasich says he has the answer to restoring America to a real economic power again, just like he has done for the state of Ohio. Ted Cruz says he has the answer to bringing America back to a real power house.  Marco Rubio, claimed that he was somewhat in the middle of the road and he got run over. And the King of the Republicans seems to be is Mr. Donald Trump.

Trump says he can do everything for the country that needs to be done, including deporting all the Hispanics, barring Muslims and anybody else who is an immigrant. He claims that he can take us out of our economic dilemma as well, but he himself has had four businesses go bust. And let’s send more troops to get rid of those Islamic Barbarians. Everyone wants to send more Young Americans who are poor to shed blood for America while their sons and daughters reap the benefits of their effort.

Let’s go back to the Draft where everyone is available to be called to war to defend America. A fellow vendor says the Republican Party is for the Rich, Famous, and K.K.K. Whatever, it will be the changing of the guard.

I will not just make this one sided--the Democrats also have a couple of candidates. There’s the new kid on the block, Bernie Sanders, who says he has the answer to America’s problems by leaning as far left as the country can stand. And Mrs. Hillary Clinton is trying to become the first female to lead this great nation the United State of America. One thing is sure there will be a Changing of the Guard! 

To be continued in July in Cleveland at the RNC Convention.

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