Vendor Comes Back After a Rough Patch

By Dolores Manley

First of all I want to apologize to the vendors, especially Artie and Tammy. I’d also like to thank Brian Davis, who has, since September been telling me what to do in order to come back to the paper.

The paper is my livelihood, and I get excellent sales as a vendor. I am not relying on welfare or government assistance. The paper keeps me in a home, and I have food on the table, due to the paper. I’m also able to house and feed my cats, too.

The paper gives me something to do, during the day, and being 56 ½ years old, I need all the exercise I can get. The paper keeps me healthy. The paper keeps me busy. I am not laying around the house all day and eating every five minutes. When people who have a job see me selling the paper, sometimes I hear them say “Get a real job.” I just show my badge, and tell them “This is a real job! I can get suspended or fired just like other job. I am a vendor. I am selling a product, not just collecting change.”

Sometimes local celebrities buy the paper, and even a homeless man will give me a nickel. A part of the money goes to charity, it shows on the paper. Those who are out there looking for a job, or if you know anyone 18 or older, looking for a job or a summer job before going to college, this paper will be a good job. Also, if you are being laid off and you can still collect unemployment benefits, this will not hurt your income.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle April 2016 Cleveland, Ohio