The Catholic Worker’s Storefront, Commonly Known as The Drop

By Artie Price

The Drop is at 4241 Lorain Avenue.  The Drop is an important safe place for individuals who have nowhere to go.  At The drop a person can get a shower, clean clothes, and a hot meal and they have movie nights on Wednesdays.  They serve popcorn on movie nights.  I enjoy sitting in there and drinking coffee.

I go there to fellowship with the people.  I go there to talk to friends and get a meal.  It is a nice place where homeless people can sit and chill, play cards and drink some coffee. In the wintertime you can go inside and sit and keep warm.  They try to help people with whatever their needs are. 

I have been going to The Drop for about 4 or 5 years.  I have gotten shoes and socks and there is a lot of fellowship.  They always greet me with a hug and a handshake and they make me feel real welcome.  When you go in and feel depressed, you leave not depressed because you feel the love from the people.  The volunteers make you feel like you are somebody while you are there.  They show a lot of love and make you feel loved.  I go there once or twice a week and I look forward to going.

I try to help the other people who go there.  I have known friends who have died from drugs and I try to help people who are homeless that go there.  I try to listen to their problems and help them.  I tell them I will pray for them. 

Every now and then counselors come in and we get a chance to talk about our problems, addictions and find out where we can go for shelter.  

Chris Knestrick, the new director of Operations for NEOCH is a volunteer at The Drop.  Chris tries to help the people out; he makes them eat and feel good about themselves.

If you have nowhere to go or are hungry, you can always go to The Drop.  Their hours are Wednesday and Thursday 7-9pm, Friday 3-5pm, Saturday 9:30-11:30 am and Sundays 3-6pm.