Tammy Hobbs’ Story

By Tammy Hobbs

I am a vendor. I write articles for and sell The Cleveland Street Chronicle newspaper. The Cleveland Street Chronicle has articles about issues that affect homeless people.  Articles are written by people who are homeless, have experienced homelessness, and people who work with the homeless.

I haven’t been able to work for the past two weeks because I haven’t been feeling very well. Not being able to work has negatively impacted my income. It’ll be hard for me to pay my bills this month. I have another source of income that I get on a monthly basis, but it isn’t enough to meet my expenses.

My job selling The Cleveland Street Chronicle is very serious and very important to me. Selling the paper helps me survive because it increases my income by 30%. My rent is paid by my other income, but the money I make selling The Cleveland Street Chronicle helps me pay some of my utility bills and buy food.

If I wasn’t able to sell the paper long-term, it would be hard for me to pay my bills and I’d go hungry. I could go to a food pantry, but they don’t give you much if you’re a single person. I haven’t had any friends or family who could help me. I depend on The Cleveland Street Chronicle not only to help myself but to help others as well.

The back page of The Cleveland Street Chronicle is filled with lists of services that are available to help homeless people. There are lists for local meal sites, which include the addresses and days and times meals are served; the names and telephone numbers of local homeless shelters; and contact information for organizations that provide services to homeless people and people who are low-income.  

I’m blessed to be a part of The Cleveland Street Chronicle and I will continue to be a vendor for as long as I can. I hope that I’m back to work soon, but if not, I know when and where I can get a hot meal.