Welcome to the New Director and I Will Miss the Old One

By Dolores

First of all, I would like to welcome Chris as the new Director and hope he will be friendly, witty, and have a sense of humor like Brian did. I would like to take time out to write about Brian. I remember Brian Davis when he had NEOCH on West 25th, Room 213.  This was a very small space compared to the space NEOCH occupies today.  Brian made up the rules for us to be able to sell the paper at the Westside Market.  Vendors had to volunteer 40 hours for every 2 week shift. 

Brian, even though I was out of a job for a while, you showed me a lot that I didn’t know before.  You taught me not to listen to other people, you taught me how to write an article, you helped keep me off the streets, you helped me plan a budget, and you helped me to better myself.

Brian, I will miss your charm, sense of humor, and witty-ness.  I have known you for over 20 years, first on West 25th and now here on Perkins; when the paper was called the Grapevine and now the Chronicle