Joe Mama Mohammed

Joe Mama Mohammed just so happened to fall in the category of royalty. 

Well, in so few words, Joe Mama was the King of Ohio City. 

Like every loser Joe Mama came from a long line of Homeless Kings and Queens, and found himself one day King of Dirt Road Ohio City.

The life and times of Joe Mama was filled with adventures and excitement.
Such as sleeping in abandoned buildings and eating out of public trash cans.
As the King of Ohio City he was known for his brilliant mind which was powered by the drug Thorazine.
Trying to stay alive was no hard task for the Dirt Road King. He loved a challenge.

One day Joe Mama decided to leave Ohio City and set a course for life in the Marine Corps.
And so he was leaving his brilliant ways of survival to followers and losers on the Dirt Road.
And they will always remember the horrible smell that Joe Mama referred to as his body fragrance.
The entrance exam was no match for this Thorazine powered brain and he passed with an A.

The Sergeant and Colonel were very pleased with the test results. We must make this our mission Joe Mama .
And so time went on Joe Mama found himself on a no return mission around the world.
With all the survival techniques he has learned back on the Dirt Road he was sure to be King of the World, but Joe Mama met a Dead End street.
It was the end of the line.

Dark was the night and the stars were shining bright.
There stood in the moonlight a man six-foot-six and badder than Hell.
But he suffered with anxiety from some wicked woman’s spell.
He raced about the world chasing every female he knew, but when this became expensive this made the strong man blue.

So many women and so little money, a complex situation for a bee and its honey.

Perhaps one day I’ll solve this puzzle or maybe break the spell that’s got me wound up in chasing this tale.
His fate was bad and he got AIDS. Now slowly but surely Joe Mama’s life fades.
The wicked woman surfaced and said to this man. That life’s but a Bitch, conquer if you can.

by Tony Walker

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published 1998 Issue 25