It’s time you realize
That we are organized
And our spirits can’t be killed
By your lies and underhanded deals

We’ve worked too long and hard
To have our program busted
By your cold encrusted...bureaucrats.

You claim you understand
But still it’s NO to our demand
As you debated, studied more
Flooding waters drenched our floors.

Just look at where your money goes
To fix up stained glass windows
And you pay your Manager
More than double what we asked for.

Does this say that one man’s pay
Can mean more to you today
Than a YES vote for a place
For hundreds of people to stay.

Now that Donaldson has staged
To care for animals in a cage
Our Peoples Move was bold and wise
Ha-Ha...we caught you by surprise.

You tried so many dirty tricks
To trap us by your code-stick
Your midnight raids and fire drills
Failed at the Board of Appeals.

Every move that you did make
Helped our cause, was YOUR mistake
Every plot that you designed
Brought more people to our side.

Your underhanded Master Plan
To force us folks from our land
It will never go your way

We know that monkeys in a zoo mean
More to him than homeless people do.

On a cold and blizzard night
We moved into an old union site
Cause we will fight you day after day

This is the song written by Ms. Neimeier written for the People’s Movement

Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published 1998 Issue 25