Cleveland Power Summit

Advocates Gather at St. Ignatius
The advocacy world of Cleveland will gather at St. Ignatius High School this Saturday March 24, 2012 for the Cleveland Power Summit from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. To register and for more details go to the Organize!Ohio website. 


This is a chance for social justice advocates to gather to develop a consolidated policy agenda.  Some of the areas that they will cover include housing, health care, environmental issues, hunger, children and youth issues, education, jobs and living wages, supportive services, governmental funding, and basic human rights.  This will be a chance to strategize about social justice issues that could be adopted in improve the lives of Greater Clevelanders.  The conference is free and lunch will be available.  To register go to the Organize Ohio website.  They also have childcare available to those who have young children.  Advocates from CTO, ESOP, UHCAN, and LMM are all co-sponsoring this event.


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