Annual Meeting for 2015










We released our Annual Report for 2015 on Thursday March 31, 2016 at the NEOCH Annual Meeting.  Kathy Rothenberg was the master of ceremony for this year and Jennifer Kocan gave an overview of the last year and provided a list of all of our accomplishments.  We were so fortunate that many of the Women staying in the Community Women's Shelter were able to attend the meeting.  It always makes the event special when people experiencing homelessness attend.

Professor Marilyn Mobley of CWRU gave a wonderful keynote address to those gathered.  She was so kind to give of her time and inspired the group to continue to push for social change in Cleveland.  We had a special look back at 25 years of the Homeless Stand Down in Cleveland with photos from the last quarter century (Trying to figure out how to post this slide show??).  We gave out a series of awards to recognize the people who contributed the most to improve the lives of homeless people.

Most Valuable Partner: Peter Schindler of the Community West Foundation (Top left)

Michelle Russell 2015 Advocate of the Year (Top right)

Abby Bova was named the 2015 Volunteer of the Year, but could not make the event since she was on vacation for spring break.  (We will have a longer narrative on each award winner in the next few days and when we post the NEOCH Annual Report.)

I was able to give a few projects that the Coalition is working on for 2016, the most important being helping homeless people to vote.  It was a really nice event and thanks to all the board members for their help.  Thanks to Jennifer for providing the food and thanks to the staff for helping to set up the room.  The board elected the same officers as last year, and thanked everyone for their support. It was a good event and we hope that you can attend next year.

Brian Davis

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