Tuesday Night Meal Returns!!

I received a note from the Rescuing the Perishing group that they have a home again.  If you remember they were asked to move in December from behind Frontline Services main building on Payne Ave. out of an overly litigious concern by the agency.  (Lawyers ruin everything).  The City of Cleveland searched for a temporary location and found a lot next to the Women's Shelter for a couple of months.  This week Safety Director McGrath informed the group that they could use the old Third District headquarters at East 19th and Payne to feed people.  This is great news and a huge service to the population.  It provides a good meal to homeless people especially women and does not interfere with other business in the community.  There is not the access to restroom and running water like their was at Frontline, but it is better than one of the dark and abandoned parking lots in the area. 

Here is the note from Sue at Rescuing the Perishing:

We have a forever spot!  Safety Director Mike McGrath called my husband Jack last Tuesday and told us we can use the old Third District parking lot at E 19th and Payne Ave to feed our people on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00.  What a relief! We were there last night and served 86 people. Not bad for a first time effort!  Thanks for your help!

Sue at Rescuing the Perishing

Brian Davis

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