Ione Biggs Award Nominations

NEOCH will host our Annual Meeting on April 1, 2015 at 6 pm as we look back at 2014 and look ahead to the next two years. As part of the meeting we give out awards including Volunteer of the Year and Advocate of the Year.  This year, we are taking nominations from the community for the Ione Biggs Award.  This award honors one of the pioneers in Cleveland in the area of Civil Rights and Women's rights.  Ms. Biggs was a big supporter of NEOCH and we remember her activism and her passion for social justice. 

We are taking nominations now through March 10, 2015 and a committee of friends and previous winners will pick the winner of the Ione Biggs Social Justice advocate for 2014.  We have set up a page of the previous five winners of the award here.  We have also set up a page on our website to submit a nominations electronically.  Or you can download a .pdf of the nominations form and circulate that to co-workers or complete it and send it in to us. Just click on one of the above blue text links to view the nomination form or the history of the award.

We also put together a page of previous award winners on our website, which has a history of the amazing work of advocates, volunteers and media who forwarded the social justice agenda of NEOCH. 

Brian Davis

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