New Info on the Website

We have added the press release on our site regarding the temporary victory over the state to extend our voting agreement.  We have a hearing in Federal Court this Friday at 2 p.m. in Columbus.  We hope to extend the consent decree from the 2008 election beyond this year.   There are new circumstances and the law has not changed.  We all thought that the state would reform their voting law by now.  We thought with the long lines and all the lawsuits the state would have forced a compromise on a new law.   We still need this compromise so that people will not be turned away on Election Day if they do not have identification.

We also added a bunch of new statistics on our information blog.  We have added information from the Cleveland Public Schools homeless children's program.  We added information about homeless families who return to homelessness in New York City and then a look at homeless funding over the last 10 years nationally.   We hope that this information will help community leaders with addressing homelessness.   We will continue to add interesting facts to this section of the website. 

Brian Davis

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