Rough Winter Puts a Strain on Finances

By Dolores Manley

I am writing about how the cold weather affected me while working to sell the paper.  I sell this paper. This winter was a little rougher than the past winters. The temperature was below zero at times, so I only did my shifts at the West Side Market.  On Mondays, when it is not busy, I would go grocery shopping.

I lost a few hundred dollars because of the cold winter, and not being able to sell many papers.  I did get a chance to see my friend Gregg, who owns Gregg Produce store. I shop there sometimes. He gives me nice prices on meat.   I’m pretty sure his prices are good for everyone. He is a good person. His business was a little slow also because of the weather.

I also worked at the Laboja, at Jefferson Deli. My boss Mike had to lay me off because of the cold weather. This put a strain on my income, so I had to move in a roommate to make ends meet. But you have to keep trying to make it work and do what you can do to survive. The weather is getting better and things are beginning to work out for me. But I did learn that I will have to prepare myself better next winter. Since getting a roommate, I have been able to get on track, so I am very thankful.

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