Commentary: Finding a job in Cleveland Can Be Difficult

Commentary by Ken

Trying to find a job in Cleveland, is a job in itself.  In today’s world, the job search is stressful enough when you don’t have a criminal record, so we know if you have had a scrape with the law, you will find that employers will be reluctant to hire you. But if a person has paid their debt for what they did, they should be able to redeem themselves. 

You have to keep trying, and there are temporary labor agencies that can help. Some agencies check your background, some don’t. Personally I think they should check out your resume, and job experience. If they are interested, then an interview would be the next step. That’s when you could answer their questions about your job experience, and other things that they would like to know about your background. You should get an opportunity to explain the circumstances of the crime, to point out how long it has been since it was committed, and to present evidence of rehabilitation.

 It would be nice if employers would give you that chance to explain your background, but until that happens, you have to keep getting out there looking for work. If you keep looking, have faith in what you are doing, and do not give up, you will be all right.

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