Volunteers Are Critical to the Paper and the Coalition

By Buzzy

l have been part of NEOCH for fifteen years or better.  I have notice a lot of changes in the people who have been volunteers.  When l first became involved with NEOCH, I was selling then the Homeless Grapevine street newspaper. Most of the volunteers were young college students who over time you become acquainted with and some actually become friends.

As time passed by, those days are long gone, most of the volunteers now are much older and the vendors seems more stand-offish than before toward the volunteers. I, myself, try to at least say hello to all the volunteers and have at least a casual conversation with all that come in contact with NEOCH.

I guess the most notable volunteer at NEOCH is a guy name Kenny. He has been there for quite some time now and does various jobs around the office besides the usual. I believe most of the vendors get along with him and he with us. I guess like everything else things must “change.”  I would like to see a little more interaction between the volunteers and the vendors.  I’m hoping that when 2015 comes in that will be the case, and there will be more volunteers.

Editor’s Note:  If you would like to volunteer to help the paper or the Coalition go to www.neoch.org and click on “Volunteer Registration Form” on the right hand side of the page.

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