Meeting a friend Who Became Homeless

By Bobbette Robinson

A few years ago I was homeless, I met this person that became a friend of mind.  He was homeless also, but he showed me where I could go and get a meal. I was not homeless for long; thank God.

My friend stayed in abandoned buildings, bus stops, anywhere he could find to keep warm. He was homeless for about nine years, then he ended up with his own place (thank God). He lived on the streets about nine years, the reason we became close friend was the things that he would do.   Even though he didn’t have much he was always trying to help someone. He was so into doing things the same way every day.  Even when he got his place to live, he still acted like he was still on the streets.  He would still stand out asking people for change to buy food.  After doing that for a while, it seemed that things had to change because money was not coming in, so he began to go back to other old ways.  He was going through the trash everyday looking for food.  

By him living like that for so long he felt very comfortable out there ask people for money. The good thing about this story is that you can be down, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay down.  My friend ended up getting the help he needed.  Now, he is doing just fine.

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