My Experience with Homelessness Was an Education

By Bobbette Robinson

Yes, I was homeless for a longtime.  I had a hard time trying to find a place for my kids and me.  I have 3 kids: 2 boys and 1 girl.  My children were all right about living with my mother for a while and my father had them by the time they were old enough to go to school. Sad to say, my father passed away, and they came back home to live with my mother and me.  They been with me ever since. My kids turned out okay and their all working except one that is still in school.  He lives with my Aunt. 

Yes, I have lived in shelters and with other family members.  I also, slept in doorways with my friends, I finally found a place and have been there every since.   It’s not the best, but it’s okay until I can do better.  As you know, I’m scared of living in large public housing projects.  That is why it’s hard for me to find a good place to live.  Now I’m looking for something better.  It’s going to take time but I’m okay with that.  My niece gives me help.  It will be all right.

I’m looking for another 2-bed room house or an apartment and I hope I will find something soon.  I’m looking for something on the bus line, with the help of my family and friends it shouldn’t take too long.  I was living with my mother, and it was a little crowded, so my family was helping with my kids and I was seeing the kids all the time.  I thought that by going into a shelter that would help me get a place faster.  They helped me find a place in the public housing projects, but I was scared.   The tenants are too rowdy so that didn’t work for me.  I stayed strong, and ended up in my own home, for me and my kids.  That was years ago and I’m still living in my own place. Thank God for family and friends.  That’s all for right now.

Copyright Street Chronicle October 2013 Cleveland Ohio.