Half way is Only a Half Measure. A Message to Those Still on the Street

Commentary by Angelo Anderson

In music time is kept by measures – if a musician only plays half of the measure then the sound is not complete.

In sports, half the distance to the goal doesn’t get points on the board – one must “go all the way!”

We often hear the phrase “is the cup half full or half empty?” used to assess our outlook on situations and even life. Yet, what is most important to note is that either way at that point – half still requires work in order to be filled to the top or emptied to the bottom.

Discouragement causes us to complete only half of the tasks necessary to get to the goal.  Not being able to immediately see the fruit of our labor causes us to stop half way. 

Getting back on your feet is hard.  It requires time, energy, effort, patience, resilience, and courage.  It does not always happen overnight.  Every endeavor will not come out as planned, yet it should not keep you from pressing forward. 

Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures – yet if you only go half way through with the plan, the measure will not be complete. You have to do the work. You have to stay the course.

Whether it is finishing school or training, completing a job application, making it to an interview on time; following up on resource availability, or asking for help, if you only complete half you will never reach your goal, and you will have worked to empty your cup instead of filling it up.

Copyright Street Chronicle October 2013 Cleveland Ohio.