Life Lesson: Listen Instead of Being Heard

Commentary by Jennifer Black

 Most children now a days don’t listen to their parents who have lived a hard life and then they end up falling back into the same situation that they were in at the beginning.  They don’t realize that when they mess up their lives they mess up other people’s lives too.  I am now taking care of my grandson because my kids did not listen to me.

 I’m currently experiencing the aftermath of someone who did not listen.  It is hard on me because I am now responsible for other people’s problems and have less time to take care of myself.  I suffer from severe emphysema and have to take medicine 3 times a day so I am not fully here mentally and physically.  It is not so much that taking care of other people is a burden, it is simply the principle of it all. I love spending time with my grandson, he gives me something to look forward to so maybe the aftermath isn’t so bad. 

 I love being a vendor at the market.  It’s really exciting to go and meet people at the market because not only do they help me out financially but I am able to help them out when they share their burdens with me.  I have built a strong “give and take relationship” with my friends at the market on this principle of listening.  I really appreciate everyone who becomes a part of the paper and helps me out and helps out NEOCH. 

 The people at the market have always gone above and beyond just buying the newspaper.  A few years back when I had cancer my customers at the market helped me figure out what kinds of foods I could eat and made the whole experience more bearable, because I listened.  I love spending time at the market and couldn’t be more grateful for all of the friends I have made there and the things they have done for me.  I wish everybody the best and to take life one day at a time.

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