I Have a Few Suggestions for Where Homeless People Can Find Help

By Bobbette Robinson

People who live on the street and are looking for help, should think about organizations such as Murtis Taylor Human Services System and Connections: Health. Wellness. Advocacy. There are 12 locations for Murtis Taylor, on both the East and West sides of Cleveland, including a residential campus. Formerly known as North East Ohio Health Services, Connections is a good place for people who need mental illness and/or chemical dependency services.  Connections has four locations: Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland West at West 25th, and Cleveland West and Cleveland West at North Ridge Commons. I personally go to Connections. They help me receive medicine, visit a doctor and see a nurse to fill my pill box. Connections also provided me with a case manager who helped me manage my budget, receive my birth certificate, and find low-income housing, like Section 8 and Eden; things I might not be able to do on my own.

The West Side Catholic Center, and St. Malachi are great places to go if you are looking for a hot meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  St. Patrick’s also has a program where you are provided with groceries to take home with you.  One of the first places I would suggest people go to for help is the Welfare building on Payne Ave (ODJFS offices). They can talk to a case manager and sign up for the Food Stamp program and for Medicaid. In addition to meals at the West Side Catholic Center, people can get clothes or household items, get outreach and advocacy assistance and help with earning a GED, showers, telephones and mailbox services.

The best way for suburban folks and individuals to help those in need living on the streets is by providing the bare necessities.  These include clothes, socks, shoes, blankets, coats (in the winter), and a little spare change.  Good places to donate these goods are the Labre programs at St. Ignatius High School and John Carrol University.  The Labre organization brings these goods directly to the people living on the streets in mini vans and it is very helpful. 

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