Living in a Tent in the Flats Is Great Only During the Short Summer

By: Raymond

 Well, the weather’s starting to break, folks.  Every summer somewhere in Cleveland, they have a group of tents, and in this tent city the homeless live.  They cook their own meals a lot of times outside or go to the churches to eat. It’s better than being in the shelters; you get a lot of fresh air at night. These guys go to the meal programs during the day to take showers.

 I completely lived outside from 1994 and ‘95 with my friend Kenny.  We lived by the log cabin in the Flats, and behind it. We lived by the bridge. We lived on the banks of the Cuyahoga. That was the first time I came to Cleveland, with $24 in my pocket.  I pan handled for food.  I ate in restaurants. Sometime I’d buy a pound of meat and loaf of bread in the grocery store. Sometimes, me and Kenny would get a rotisserie and eat it. Boy, those summers were great. The winters weren’t that great, they were cold. As one of my friends told me as I was leaving Louisiana to come to Ohio, “Ohio’s the land of igloo’s, Eskimos, and polar bears.” I saw your first Ohio winter, and Lord, I believe that.

 Now, I’ll tell you all folks, why I like Ohio. Nine months of winter, three months of summer, snow in September. Boy I can’t wait. The only thing I’ll miss about this place is the people, not much else. Until next time, see y’all later. Have a good week and good summer.   Make sure you buy a paper this summer.

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May 2014 Cleveland, Ohio