Thank you and I Miss New Orleans

By Raymond

      All of the vendors realize that we do not accept donations, but I want to thank you the people who have purchased the Street Chronicle from us.  I also want you to know that all the profits and proceeds go to the vendors.  There is no donations [for the paper].  Without the Street Chronicle sales, I would not have winter clothing.  I would not have anything to eat.  I would be living on the streets without the sales from the Street Chronicle.  So, this paper has helped me to stay in an apartment. 

      Even when I was panhandling and getting donations, I thanked people for helping me.  So, I moved up the ladder to the Street Chronicle.  This is more like a job.  Actually, it is a job.  We pay 35 cents a copy for the paper, and we sell the paper for $1.25 per copy.  This is a big difference from panhandling, because we are giving something back for their money.  Now we are working for money, but during my panhandling days it was not really working.  There is no cost to ask for money.  The Chronicle requires us to pay for something before we can sell.

      Now, I feel like I have earned the money unlike my panhandling days.  I really am able to spend my money better, because I earned it.  I am trying to save my money right now to get back to New Orleans.  That is my home and I want to go back. I love the weather and the food.  It is the best food in the world in New Orleans.  Red beans cooked right and alligator tail are two foods that I miss.  I love the crawfish, and the year round heat.  It don’t bother me like it bothers the northerners.  I miss Jackson Square on Saturday mornings with all the artists painting pictures. 

 Copyright Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Cleveland Street Chronicle Volume #19.1 April – May 2012