Street Newspaper Vendor Versus a Hot Dog Stand Vendor

Commentary by Delores

       If you are looking to make extra money and thinking about working the hot dog stand or any other street vending, may I suggest working for the Street Chronicle as a vendor? Newspaper vendors get to pick your own hours, and you also get your money the minute you sell a paper versus waiting a week or two for your paycheck or payday.  You will be your own boss [as a street newspaper salesperson].  You are helping others while you are helping yourself.

      By selling the paper you get to keep 90% of your money while a hot dog vendor only keeps 25% of his or her money.  Hot dog vendors have a set schedule, while newspaper vendors can sell whenever they want.  If you are cold you can go into a store or just go home if you are selling the paper.  Hot dog vendors have to stay by their cart.  You don’t have to wait to get a check cashed as a street newspaper vendor.  As a Street Chronicle vendor, you can sell anywhere in the city, while a hot dog vendor has one location and cannot move. The hot dog vendor provides no job training, while the street newspaper vendor is on the job training for many different jobs. 

      You will have all the locations in the City of Cleveland area to sell the Street Chronicle.  You will also be able to handle all the big events that come up in Cleveland.  The season opener at Progressive Field, the Casino will be opening in May, the flats are busy, etc.  This is an excellent opportunity for students that are in journalism, art, and photography.  If you are involved in job training, you could get extra credit for working for the Street Chronicle. So, look us up on the website at, or call us at 216-432-0540 to ask for details on becoming a vendor.                          

Copyright Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Cleveland Street Chronicle #19.1 April – May 2012