2018 - New Year and New Happenings!

By Lucille Egan


I will turn 91 this year, and sometimes feel like I have seen it all – The Great Depression, WWI, WWII. Other times I find myself shaking my head and wondering what is going on in this world.  Daily, I find myself amazed at everyday things like all the cars on the road, grocery prices, and especially all the construction and development going up and in my back yard!

My entire life I have lived on the west side of Cleveland, in the area now referred to as the Tremont/Duck Island community. I have always been a “city girl,” and for over 40 years, I have lived in the same community. Do you know how Duck Island got its name? It goes back to the days of prohibition. From 1920 to 1933 there was a ban on alcohol. That never stopped the bootleggers, who would “duck” under bridges in order to get away from the police.

It is a small community, yet is becoming one of the most sought-after areas with rising new growth. The area seems to be busting at the seams! I could never imagine, in my wildest dreams, all the new buildings going up! New homes seem to be popping up everywhere in the neighborhood. I like the fact that I have new neighbors. It’s been exciting to watch the big cranes on a small hill, while on other areas of the street, old homes are being knocked down and new ones built in their places from the ground up. 

Maybe it’s just me, but they do not seem to build homes like they used to. I feel like all the new homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments have the same look, but no character. These new builds are under a tax abatement, which (I think) means they do not have to pay residential taxes for 15 years. I’m worried that my taxes are going to go through the roof!

People living here, and many visitors, love seeing the view of downtown Cleveland, and I have been looking at it all my life. I find it a nice change of scenery when I can be at my home away from home, the Westside Market. I enjoy selling the Cleveland Street Chronicle, talking to my loyal customers and making new friends.

They say change is good, well so be it! Life goes on…brave the storm, be happy, not sad. Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2018!

Your friend, Lucille.