Owning Courage

By Tiffany Duff

Courage means that no matter the circumstance, you won’t give up.

Courage is a virtue in itself.  You need courage in order to stand up for your principles and core values.

When you remain strong you will realize that there is no need to fear.  Courage is something that you must own. 

Throughout all your adversities, you will learn that you would not have made it without courage.

Indeed, you are capable of achieving great things! 

You stand for so much; you have a lot to be proud of.  You are a very brave person and you should be recognized for your fortitude. 

It is always courageous and best to be light-hearted during times of strife.  You are accountable for your very own intervention.

The best part about courage is knowing that you are not alone.  There is always someone who you can relate to. 

When you are able to survive profoundly difficult/incomprehensible circumstances, you will understand that you had courage the whole time.

Written by Artie Price’s niece, Tiffany Duff