Why I Appreciate Brian Davis

by Diana Robinson

If it wasn’t for Brian giving me a job, I would be struggling.  I enjoy being a vendor and I have been one for 4 or more years.  Brian does a beautiful job and helps to solve our problems at the vendor meetings.

He keeps everything professional and makes sure we have our vendor’s licenses to be able to sell papers in our spots.  He always gives us respect, male or female, and he is always there for us. 

He would resolve any conflicts between the vendors and keep things running smoothly.  He would also allow us to throw dinners for the holidays.  I really appreciate him being. 

He not only helps the vendors, he helps other people too.  He has a lot of responsibilities that I wouldn’t want to take on. 

I hope whoever takes his place will be a better person than him or at least as patient and understanding as him.  The staff is also very helpful and I appreciate them.