Some Issues That Make Me Angry

Commentary by Dolores Manley


I’m writing about how pissed I am about the county allocating money for the Cavs. The County has no money, but they backed a loan for $140 million to the Cavs, for improving the look of Quicken Loans Arena.  I can’t believe that the tax payer will have to pick up the tab for these renovations.

The money that the county gave the Cavs could be better used elsewhere. For example, the County could use those debt to:

Preserve our Veteran’s bridges and the rest of the money should be in a trust for our children’s future when they need the building’s fixed.

Improve local transportation: Buses need to be more family-friendly for moms with babies and for our elderly people that our wheelchair bound passengers.

Add additional social services like meals on vehicles or senior citizen centers.  Our seniors fought for everything and the country has no money and is going to give it to the improve the playgrounds of the rich. You tax payers need to rise up.

We need more police cars that are new, or in good working order, not old run-down vehicles. We need the money to keep up our government buildings when they need repairs.

Jails need to be expanded so judges will not let people out because of over-crowding. Let the inmates do their time.

The county should give the money to help out the RTA so that the local bus services can reduce fares, increase circulator service for the seniors, or order new buses. 

The County could improve child care for working mothers especially in the evening or for disabled children.

Other issues that make me angry include:

How our homeless people are out begging to get food in there stomachs, and more panhandlers are out and about. There are more panhandlers out here. Why can’t these guys go to shelters?

The rise in gun violence in our city and the fact that children are being murdered.  A little girl was kidnapped and murdered walking to school not too far from a police station.  A sixteen year old boy was murdered in an abandoned house on East 53rd near Fleet Ave.

I also wanted to let people know that I was forced to play the tambourine to make money for a period of time instead of selling the Street Chronicle.  I worked with my family while I was on vacation from the paper.  Using my tambourine to make money was noisy; selling the paper is more dignified. I got more money using the tambourine, but I think that selling the paper provides more advantages.

The paper gives you information, there are customers who are familiar with me, and sometimes give me a little extra change.  I once sold 4 papers and made $50.00. Another time, I sold 40 papers and made $300.00.  Selling the paper, in my opinion, is better.

One bright spot: I am glad I am going back to the paper! Thank you, Brian Davis, for bringing me back to the paper! Brian, I have worked for you, on West 25th Street, for over 20 years. When the new paper comes out you might be gone. Brian I will miss you. Good luck with your plans!