How I made it from the Streets to an Apartment:

By Michael Vorhees

I sell the Street Chronicle as a newspaper vendor, I was homeless for 14 years 6 mos. The reason I was homeless for so long because I did not apply myself to get off the streets. Today what I do to stay off the streets is pay my rent, so I will have a place to call my own.

While I was on the streets, I had nothing coming in-- no money. Today I have Social Security Income, to help me. I also sell The Cleveland Street Chronicle to help me make it through the month. I also help out at the church, and help with feeding homeless people.  It helps me, remember where I came from. I really like being able to help.

If it was not for someone helping me, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I have been inside for 3 years 6 mos. I moved from under a bridge, to a place on East 55th street, to a place on the lake.  It might be a studio apartment, but it’s a place inside that I can call home.

 I really love being inside, it makes me feel good to help others. I can never look down on a person, because I been there.  If someone needs help, I try to be there for them. God has granted me with so much, I’m very thankful to be alive. My life is so much better, now that I have a place to live, staying clean and sober has been so much easier, because I am off the streets.

 God bless everyone!

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