Vendors Thank Those Who Buy the Paper

Thank You from our Vendors

By Angelo Anderson

I’d like to start by saying thank you to all the merchants and businesspeople out there who help support the GRAPEVINE. I’d also like to thank all those people who called our voice mailbox and offered support. And I’d like to say to those who didn’t call: give us a try, some of us really want to work. Some of us are actually out there looking for work.

I’d also like to say to some of those brothers who said to me this month that I shouldn’t be selling the GRAPEVINE because I’m no longer homeless. Well, they made a point there. I am no longer homeless.

But I can’t see being homeless for three, four or five years. But then again I guess I can, “cuz it’s kind of easy to get caught up in that “free” state of mind. You know what I mean by that –free food, free bed, free clothes, free money doing nothing. Some time we ought to stop and take a look at that.

Sometimes I say, “if you free your ass your mind will follow.” You know what I’m sayin’? So if you try to sell the GRAPEVINE, you get out there and you get busy. Maybe you won’t be homeless anymore.

I’m still out there looking for a job guys, so give me a call. When you see me on the street, let me know what’s happening. Thank You.

 By Bob Boclear

I was in the last edition of the Homeless Grapevine and one of the first to participate in the voice mail program. I would just like to say that it works and I believe in it. Like most things new, it takes time to be noticed, understood and accepted, and I say once again I feel and believe that the voice mail program is a super, worthwhile program. It helped me a lot. I’ve gotten temporary work because of it. Nothing permanent yet, but I’m sure something will come up. Well, that’s about it, except I would like to thank NEOCH and the voice mail program for considering me for a pilot candidate and working with me. Thanks to every one of you and God bless you all.

 By Andre Brannon

Thanks to a very generous Homeless Grapevine reader, Rich Aronson, Andre Brannon (a vendor featured in issue 5, “Elevator Mechanic Looks to Move Up”) has received a much needed hand in his effort to “move up”. In fact, he will be moving “down” – down South to Florida that is, where he is originally from. Rich and some friends gathered enough funds to purchase a bus ticket for Andre to get back to Orlando as well as help with paying his back union dues. We wish him well and send a very special thank you to Rich for his patience, compassion and generosity. You make a real difference in someone’s life.

Published by the Homeless Grapevine Cleveland Ohio May 1994 Issue 6