Different Colors

By John Agostin

I look up at the rainbow, and its so sublime,

God loved different colors from the dawn of time.

When you see different colors you should love them too,

All those different colors are a part of you.

Red and yellow makes orange, red and white makes pink.

When you see different colors they should make you think

If colors work together then they realize

There is not different color that they can despise

How did these different colors ever last so long,

When every color’s right, and every color’s wrong?

A wise ma once said, that different colors are one

If you start subtracting colors then you end up with none

Different colors are never either bad or good

There is a common color, that’s the color of blood

If we’re turned inside out, then we’re all the same

A color’s just a color because it has a name.

How can someone change the color that they are?

It’s like a candle trying to become a stare.

When you classify a color you become a fool

No color’s better than another, that’s a rule.

If different colors go to war, then who will win?

When colors fight each other it becomes a sin

But if they blend together, they could be so bright

That if you’re color blind, you’ll be restored to sight

I look up at the sky and see the setting sun

With many different colors another day is done.

What will be tomorrow?  I ponder my heart

If colors rise together, we’ll get a brand new start.


 Copyright by the Homeless Grapevine published issue 9 Spring1995