Martin Says “Enough”

By Tatiana Bivens-Jones

Age: 12 Grade: 6

Martin says “enough” to all the poor people out here.

Martin says “enough” to all the people living out on the street.

“Get up my children let me show you a better life.”

“Do not be afraid of what you believe in my child.”

Martin says “enough” to all the children with no Christmas.

Martin says “enough” to all the poor children with empty stomachs.

“Get up my children let me feed you with knowledge.”

“There is a better way in life,

You do not have to be dependant on other people.”

“I know you can do it, I know you can!”

Put Your Sole to the Streets

By Armani Brown

Age: 16 Grade: 12

When you’re failing

And you think that your only way is up

See now you’re stuck

No more charms so you guess you

are out of luck

Got your guitar and pick

Cause you’re ready to play the blues

When you’re ready to give up

Take a walk in my shoes

Feel the pain and the hurt

When where you lay is the dirt

With a collage of skin and rags that

make up your shirt

So you’ve got work to do

Or school to pass

But my fate has been decided by the way of the class

In this game called life

I’ve been set up to lose

So when you wanna trade hands

Take a walk in my shoes

For you and your own it takes boxes to move

Kick this box and I move

Now which life would you choose?

It’s a strive to survive

I would die for some food

I’d go blind just to see what life is like for you

You’ve got choices to make

Deciding your next move

When life gets too picky

Take a walk in my shoes

While you sit with your pens and write letters for change

I’m a beggar for change

But I’m begging to change

So when you’re ready to sing

And lose the game

To run out of options

And live life in shame

When you’re sick of walking in tennis shoes, dress shoes, even cleats

Put your sole to these streets

And take a walk in my shoes

Copyright Homeless Grapevine Issue #87 in July 2009 in Cleveland Ohio.