National News: Homeless Endangered Across America

Florida Police Destroy Tents

St. Petersburg, Fl – According to the Orlando Sentinel, police slashed and destroyed tents during a raid at a homeless encampment on January 19.  This attack drew criticism from both homeless advocates and city officials.  One homeless individual recorded a video of the raid and posted it on the web site

Maryland Senate Includes Homeless in Hate Crime Bill

Annapolis, Md – The Washington Post reports that the Maryland Senate approved a bill that would add homeless people to groups protected under the hate crimes law.  Maryland is the second state to protect homeless people in this way and is among other states considering similar legislation (including Massachusetts and Texas).  An amendment to the bill that would add disabled people was voted down.

 Paraplegic Man Dumped on Skid Row

Los Angeles, Ca – Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center is being investigated for allegedly dumping a homeless paraplegic man in LA’s Skid Row area, according to AM New York.  The man was left with no wheelchair or walker and had to crawl with his hands down the sidewalk while dragging his broken colostomy bag.  The San Diego Union-Tribune went on to report that the hospital did not turn over records relating to the incident until City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo accused them of stonewalling the investigation. 

Homeless Woman Prevented Fire From Spreading

Lodi, Ca - A homeless woman likely prevented a vehicle fire from spreading to a nearby building by grabbing a garden hose and spraying the structure until firefighters arrived, according to the Lodi News-Sentinel.

   Laurie Williams, happened to be collecting cans when she turned down the alley and saw flames coming from a diesel truck. She asked an onlooker to call 911 and grabbed a nearby garden hose to keep the fire from spreading until firefighters arrived. 

New York Homeless Services Seizes Homeless Cats

New York, NYThe New York Post reports that on February 1, a Midtown homeless shelter was raided by the Department of Homeless Services and pet cats were taken away from the residents.  Fifteen cats were seized in the sudden intrusion that was prompted by a long-standing pet ban.

Antique Dealer Drops

$1 Million Lawsuit

New York, Ny – According to WOI-TV, Karl Kemp, Upper East Side antique dealer, dropped a million dollar suit he filed against Roger Greenlee, a homeless man who camped on the heating grate outside Kemp’s antique store.  The suit was filed because Kemp claimed Greenlee’s presence was scaring customers away.  The suit was dropped because Greenlee no longer camps in front of the store.

Young Florida Men Murder Homeless Man

St. Petersburg, FlSt. Petersburg Times reported on the indictment of two men, Dorion Dillard, 20, and Cordaro Hardin, 18, for the murders of two homeless men on January 17.  The two men, David Heath and Jeff Shultz, were shot and killed by Dillard and Hardin in St. Petersburg.

South Bend Men Charged For Murder of Homeless Men

South Bend, In – Daniel Sharp and Randy Reeder face four counts of murder in court for murdering four homeless men and then stuffing their bodies in manholes.  The two men killed the homeless individuals over some stolen scrap metal, according to WNDU.  Sharp will be in court on May 29 and Reeder on June 12.

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