Slum landlords overcharge by counting credit as cash


Being homeless one whole year has been one more opportunity to take what I learned from school and the streets and survive, [this time] doing it straight. Life is what happens when you’re planning something else, but when “it” finally happens to you then you certainly know a lot more about what “it” is all about, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

That is why you’ll scare the lousy politician and his apathetic constituents.

Caution:  The slum landlord has expanded his territory outside of the inner-city. He no longer checks your credit history for proof you pay your bills in cash on time. Instead, it is your credit report, [which slum landlords check]. If you don’t have a credit card [you have no credit]. No credit card is no, credit, and no credit is bad credit.

He does this only as an excuse to assume he can trust you, [and that you will] buy your groceries with your credit card and not the cash you have for rent.

It is also legal discrimination to deny you housing; [with] the general phrase “you don’t have enough money.” Of course he gets away with it, because you have enough cash for the rent. But never forget: You always have freedom of choice and that includes the landlord you choose not just the landlord who chooses you.


Debra Tress

Debra described her residence address as “another motel room, shelter, church basement” that she is homeless because she was denied a fair and just hearing in Cleveland’s housing court in August of 1993.

Copyright NEOCH for the Homeless Grapevine Sept – Dec. 1994  Issue 7