Laura’s Home Needs Reform


Dear Editor,

I am writing in concern with several issues involving Laura’s Home.  Please keep in mind I do not want Laura’s Home to close.  Laura’s Home is a wonderful facility, unfortunately the way it is run is my greatest concern.  I am an ex-employee and I have noticed the abuse the women were receiving from the authority that was set over them.  My understanding is this is a place that offers shelter, security, and safety yes, but at what price?

I have seen the residents/clients’ spirits squashed from day-to-day with harsh rules and fear, not to mention the fear of the Security Staff.  The Security Staff afraid of voicing concerns or making a mistake; actually everyone is walking on eggshells in fear of losing their jobs, like those who already lost their jobs.

At this point, I have nothing to lose because I have already been terminated because I voice some of these concerns.  I was told it was my work performance, and I was told I did a “no show” back in Septembwhich was a lie.  Nevertheless, this allegation was never brought to my attention until May 16th – the day of my termination.  This is just the tip of the ice burg.  There have been several other residents/ staff who were put out or “let go’ due to upper management fearing negative exposure. If the wall at Laura’s Home could talk, the public would be saddened with the alarming way souls are being cast into the lake of fire just for being in a homeless shelter. I am crying out for justice; not for myself, but for the souls who are looking for a second chance in life.


Gizell Ranzy

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