Commentary: Day Labor Industry Allows Rich to Get Richer

by Jeffrey Zappitelli

    Temporary Services? Give me a break!!!! Who do these people think they are? The whole concept is performed professionally by only one company that I know of, and that’s NOT Minute Man, nor is it Ameri-Temps. I’ve worked for both of these so-called services and I can tell you it’s destroying most men’s integrity who have no choice but to work for them. They make this temping experience seem like a PRISON STINT on a daily basis. I’d love to be a little birdy in the window during one of their private meetings; they must have lengthy discussions on how to keep a man down as part of their operation in order to seamlessly maintain their EFFORTLESS shuffling of men to the slaughter factories.

    Furthermore, when factories give them an order for skilled work to be done they get the wrong skilled or un-skilled workers to the job site. On top of that, they compensate the men with a measly $5.15 an hour rather than placing more skilled employees in higher paying jobs. All they would have to do is ask a few questions about the interest or background of the workers so that: 1.) The Temp Service EARNS their money per individual. 2.)The temp worker isn’t so grossly underpaid, and might actually be able to put something useful on his or her resume’, which in turn would give them a little self-esteem. 3.) The factory would actually get what they’re paying for, “without resentment” and this would eliminate a lot of anxiety for everyone involved.

     Instead, the rich get richer and the temp worker keeps drinking because there isn’t even enough money to pay a bill at the end of the day. If these temporary services don’t start treating people better these companies days are numbered, trust me.

 Copyright NEOCH, The Homeless Grapevine #69, March 2005. All rights reserved.