Grapevine Vendors Thank All Those Who Helped

     The call went out in early 2004 that the Grapevine was struggling to survive. The board that publishes the Grapevine had asked to see some community buy in or they would cease publication. The Grapevine had accumulated a debt, and was loosing vendors. During this time we lost our biggest friend and poet Daniel Thompson.

      The vendors are pleased to inform the community that the paper met the goal set by the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless board over the summer. Through individual donations and a number of religious communities that helped we were able to meet our goals. Special thanks to the Sisters of St. Joseph and James Onysko who organized a concert at the Beachland Ballroom. Thank you also to the Beachland for donating the space.

     Thanks to Mac’s Backs Paperback in Coventry for their help with everything. Thanks to our photographer friend, Pete Dell. Thank you to the friends and family of Daniel Thompson for their help, and thanks to the 50-70 individuals who gave what they could afford to make the future of the paper brighter.

      While we are very thankful that we will live to publish another day, we still need help to stabilize our operation. We need volunteers. We need subscriptions. We need more vendors to sell the paper, and we need your financial support. We are planning a number of fundraisers in the near future. If you hear about a Grapevine fundraiser, please make an effort to support this truly grassroots effort.

 Copyright Homeless Grapevine Issue 66 September 2004 Cleveland, Ohio