Commentary: Homelessness Strikes Suddenly

by Felicia

     No one expects to wake up homeless, at least I never thought this would happen to me. I’ve had the best of jobs, a custodian at Ohio State University, an interior and exterior housepainter. I relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Akron, Ohio where I landed a job at the Form Rubber Company. I had various jobs in the food services, an assistant manager at the Hamburger Station, a head cook at Access Incorporated, a job at Gogo’s etc, etc. I earned a college degree (Associates) in Liberal Arts, attending Akron University, majoring in Art History.

     My plight began when I ended up on the penitentiary. I ten decided to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio feeling that things would be better and a lot of opportunities would be available to and for me. Boy! Was that a lie. I became extremely depressed; because I have no family here, my associates are few.

     I ended up in the Cosgrove Shelter and have been in a shelter for the last six months, my health problems making me unemployable. I’m with mental health services and have many health problems unable to get health care through Human Resources. I walk around on a daily bases feeling hopeless, lost, unworthy, withdrawn at times. I want to end it all just so the emptiness and pain will go away. Yet, no one cares about what a homeless individual goes through. If only society would place themselves in our shoes.

Copyright Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Homeless Grapevine Cleveland Ohio published July 2004 Issue 65B