Women’s Shelter Had Serious Problems


by Marguerite Perdue

            I’m writing in reference [to], and concern with the Catholic Shelter for Homeless Women at the Cosgrove Center. My main, and most concern is how the homeless women are treated, and spoken to from some of the staff at the shelter. There’s no need for names to be mentioned because I’m sure they know who they are.

            The most hurting part of the entire situation for homeless women is how they are spoken to because of the fact that you’re homeless. You are treated very cruelly by some staff members, spoken to like dogs or less than, which makes me very, very upset.

            People should truly realize and understand that they could be in the same situation as any homeless individual, that they’re only a paycheck away from homelessness themselves, but in all reality they don’t believe, or suspect that is could happen. Its very, very unfair how staff talks, and treats the mentally challenged homeless women. This matter really needs some attention. God doesn’t like ugly, and he isn’t too keen about pretty, but everyone should be treated with the utmost respect as long as its given.

            I, Marguerite Perdue, believe in that slogan, because I give respect where respect is due. I sit up and I observe the women at the shelter and how they are treated, and even though I’m homeless myself at the present, I really feel sorry for them. The homeless situation especially for the women is getting worse than better, and it’s pitiful, but that is why God has a certain and particular place for the ones that totally disrespect the homeless.

            Channel 8 news, and staff that has focused on the Women’s Shelter has come into the shelter to check out certain situations but that has done no good. I pray that something is done about this cruel manner of how the homeless are being treated, and taken into the hands of someone that has a heart.

            I mean that with all respect, and reality. Always put yourself in someone else’s place. Abuse has taken its toll at the Catholic Women’s Shelter. I truly hope and trust that people that do care about the homeless situation at the Catholic Women and throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area, or any area, please give some concerns and help. Just know that it could happen to any individual, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be treated without respect. In all reality it’s a very, very sad situation that truly needs some attention, that I feel will happen, because I never give up on Hope!

            I received comments from a lot of homeless women, and staff about this situation, and I truly wish that I could’ve taped it. I’ve sold the Homeless Grapevine newspaper for quite some time now and I’ve written articles, but this is the most important, and sensitive article that has touched me, not only my heart, but my mind, and soul, that doesn’t make me feel very good about it at all.

Copyright to the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and the Homeless Grapevine Cleveland Ohio 2004 Issue 64