Grapevine Declines; Message Always Critical of Providers

Dear Editor:

        Over the years I have read the Grapevine and found it an informational resource regarding the homeless in Cleveland. Unfortunately that has changed. The issues are briefly touched on but the core of those issues is ignored. Any response contrary to the Editor is bashed at a later date as wrong. Agencies that provide for the homeless are attacked instead of finding a way to come together. Believe it or not, some Service Providers do advocate for the homeless perhaps it is not to find a “legal” place to drink alcohol but they do advocate for services and, yes, even for the housing for the homeless.

        I have heard that in some cities the Coalition for the Homeless actually works with providers to provide for the homeless. One can only wonder what an amazing experience that would be in Cleveland. Perhaps NEOCH ought to take a few courses in mediation so that they might be able to at least attempt to see both sides of a situation.

 Vickie L. Smith

Cleveland, OH

Published in the Homeless Grapevine, Cleveland Ohio August 2002 Issue 56