Grapevine Writers Misunderstood Hope for the Hopeless Signs

By Randall Laraway

Thank God, we live in a country wherein by authority vested in our constitution we have freedom of speech as well as freedom to worship the Almighty …. If, when, and where we so choose.

In response to the letter from Yvonne M. Lossow and fro the editorial, criticizing the City Mission’s billboard phrase, “Hope for the Hopeless,” I perceive somewhat of a misconstruing of that simple phrase. First of all, does anyone know (other than the City Mission staff) exactly what they meant by this phrase? Well ok, grant it that we’ve all an opinion about it, especially if one has ever been in a homeless situation.

Respectfully, Ms, Lossow was blessed, quote, “although since I have seen the billboard I have found a home.” One must pause and notice that she received this blessing after she’d seen the posted phrase. Second, Ms. Lossow , you said, “ I worked toward that goal.” Hey great! Reminds me of a still valid clich’… “the Lord helps those who help themselves.” Like the woman who lost a coin then found it again, I rejoice with you. Thirdly, Yvonne, did you personally thank our mutual Creator for the reward of your efforts? Fourth, will you please pray that I will likewise be blessed? I’d really appreciate it.

As for the editor’s graphic description ot the City Mission being s sterile, corrections type facility etc,. what else is new? Who is to say that a random act of violence could not occur there, the same as a bank or at a quick-stop food/gas mart? Men of God or no. Perhaps one must ask, what is the City Mission’s success rate of those individuals and families gladly receiving assistance over the years? Next, I would ask, why the attitude the attitude of condemnation, Mr. Editor? Quote, “offensive, paternalistic, total disregard for,” ect. Man, the City Mission really pushed your button. You know, every member of the City Mission staff will stand before the judgment seat of Christ someday. So will I and everyone else too. Anyway, a wise man once said that our attitude in life is 10% if what happens and 90% of how one reacts to what happens. Oh by the way , I hope that I’ve not come across a “brow beater” because, I like Ms.Lossow, I prefer not to be preached at.”

And before I get too long-winded, while you and others are daydreaming about ridding the city environs of “Hope for the Hopeless”, only to replace it with alcohol ads, try attending a “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” meeting and listen to their input about such. Finally , I wonder does anyone suppose that when the City Mission posted the phrase, they actually meant offering all people the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ, The Hope of glory (Colossians 1:27)? After all, He is the only Lord I know Who ever arose from the dead.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle March-April 2002 Cleveland, Ohio