Homeless Assist Disaster Victims

Honored at a special dinner in Cleveland

            Homeless people do not have money to donate, they cannot perform on a television telethon, and they cannot travel to New York to help with the rescue, but those living in shelters in Cleveland were appalled at the events of September 11 and decided to help.  Over 50 homeless people spent 18 hours loading donations and transporting those goods to Pittsburgh for distribution to the victims and rescuers in New York, Washington and Somerset County.  They spent the afternoon of September 16 unloading cars then they rode in the caravan of 40 semi-tricks and 110 vans that carried the donations to Pittsburgh for separation and distribution.

            The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, the Salvation Army and Founder’s Pah thanked these men who gave their time to help the victims of the 9/11/01 acts of terrorism.  All the homeless men who assisted the City of Cleveland with donations were honored at a dinner at St. Augustine Church on October 5, 2001.  Founder’s Path will provide a meal and a special t-shirt to make the community joining together to help Americans in need.  The Salvation Army will offer a special thank you to the men who helped.

            Ron Reinhart of Founder’s Path said, “We went looking for volunteers to help with this mammoth effort to move thousands of donations closer to the areas of need.  The outpouring of help from homeless people overwhelmed us.  These guys spent hours loading and unloading without complaining and without asking for anything in return. We had to show our appreciation.”

 Copyright NEOCH published 2001 Cleveland Ohio Issue 50