Code of Conduct for Distributing the Homeless Grapevine

Every vendor for the Homeless Grapevine registers with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and affirms the paper by signing this code of conduct. We hope you will find every vendor courteous and professional when distributing this paper.

1.      The Homeless Grapevine will be distributed for a $1 donation. I agree not to ask for donations more than $1. I also understand that I will be able to keep 90cents of each dollar collected, as future issues of the Grapevine will be purchased from NEOCH for 10 cents.

2.      I agree that I will never distribute the Homeless Grapevine while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

3.      I agree that I will not ask for donations after 10:00 p.m.

4.      I agree to treat others with respect. I will not use abusive language or force someone to give a donation. I will not give a “hard sell” or make someone feel threatened.

5.      I agree that I will not supply copies of the Homeless Grapevine to persons who are not registered distributors.

6.      I agree that I will not contest territories with other distributors.

7.      I understand that the Homeless Grapevine strives to be a self-supporting paper created by people who are homeless or formerly homeless. To help in this effort I agree to volunteer as needed toward the creation of future issues. I will also try to attend all Grapevine meetings.

8.      I understand that the failure to comply with any of the above statements will result in me no longer being able to distribute the Homeless Grapevine.

Copyright the Homeless Grapevine and NEOCH, Issue 5, Cleveland Ohio February 1994