Care Alliance Responds to Article

By Jay Gardner

Care Alliance Development Director

             We at Care Alliance are saddened and disturbed by the inaccuracies and biases of the Homeless Grapevine regarding our agency and many other homeless service providers.  We are disappointed that the Grapevine disregards the good work that we homeless service providers do.

            We are particularly disappointed that your article in Issue 48 focused solely on negative perceptions of our agency and ignored than many valuable services we provide.  Such attacks make it more difficult to maintain the morale of our hardworking and productive staffs, contribute to an inaccurate public image of the service providers, and provide a benefit to no one.

            The mission of Care Alliance is to provide high quality health care to those who need it most.  We stand by our work and maintain that Care Alliance is an asset to the community.  We provide quality health care in a cost-effective manner, to those who are homeless and to others in need.

            Although Grapevine readers may have been confused, Care Alliance continues to provide health care to those who are homeless, including those with mental illness and substance abuse issues.  Those in need may visit us at our Payne Health Center or at one of the many homeless service sites where we provide health care.  Our Health Care for the Homeless Team can be reached at 216-781-6724 for more information.

 Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine, Issue #49 August-September -2001