Poem: Homeless

As I walk these lonely streets

Staring down at blistered feet

You pass me and avert your eyes

Pretending that I'm not alive

Maybe if you said hello

Perhaps I wouldn't feel so low

For I was once a person too

Maybe someone much like you

A kind word would have made my day

Helped me to feel better along the way

I feel what you see when you look at me

It fills my soul with misery

Its difficult living a life of shame

But there's no redemptions in placing blame

Its not that I am unaware

Don't think that I don't really care

Maybe there wouldn't be such scorn

If I had clothes that were not so worn

If I could wash and do my hair

Maybe then someone would care

What do you see when you look at me

Something that you could never be

Be thankful for what you have today

It may not always be that way

For just as I was once like you

You never know what life will do

If things go wrong in life you'll see

that you could end up being me

But if you ever fall from grace

And end up in this lonely place

I'll welcome you and your friend

Be kind to you and take you in

I'll show you how to stay alive

teach you things so you'll survive

Life on the streets is hard its true

But with God's help well make it through

So when you say your prayer tonight

Thank God that things are still alright

While God is busy blessing you

Please share with me I need some too


Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine, Issue #44 Septe